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DP82 Deleting Twitter - Considerations And Steps

March 9, 2020

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is an incredibly straightforward process when deleting your account. Your reasons for deletion can vary but to delete a Twitter account all you need to do is go to your settings and at the bottom of the page there is an option to deactivate your account.


There are a few other steps like entering your username and password again but that’s a safety measure. What’s more important is the considerations revolving around your Twitter account.


First off, like Facebook, you can stop the deletion process by logging into your account within 30 days of pressing the deactivation button. But even after deactivating your account, people can still find your account and previous tweets. This suggests that while you no longer have an account, your information is still on the internet for a lot longer. So if you deleted your account to remove specific tweets, you might be better off finding the tweets in question and deleting them directly.


Secondly, after you delete your account, you have no opportunity to rejoin Twitter using the same account. What this means is you can’t use the same username nor can you use the same email address. So if you ever plan on coming back to Twitter make sure to change the email address and username of your main account if you have plans of coming back. Naturally if you come back using a new account you won’t have the old tweets, followers, images, or lists.


The final consideration I’ll make is if your reason for deleting your account is to change your username, don’t bother about deleting your account. In one of the warning bullets that Twitter has before you start the deletion process reads that you can change your handle automatically. Twitter has made it possible for people to therefore change their usernames on the fly with no worries at all.

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