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DP76 How to Avoid Fraud Scams

February 24, 2020

Even if people are staying on top of fraud, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Over the world, people are losing millions every year from these scams. Fortunately, there are many practical ways for us to work around these scammers.


  • As a general rule, never give out money or personal details to an unexpected request through any medium. As I mentioned last episode, scammers will do anything to make their pitch seem believable and to get people to act quickly without thinking.

  • Second tip is to do online searches. While the scammer is talking to you, they’ll scam you through various ways. Some of it can be selling products, services, investment opportunities, or may drop a company name. Make a point of searching the name of those items or company. You can also search their number to see if other people in the past complained about that number.
  • Third is to not believe in caller ID. While people see that as a helpful feature in the past, scammers have used it now to mask who they are to appear believable. Don’t fall for it and make a point of hanging up if you answer and they start asking for money or personal details. If you think they are telling the truth, use a genuine number.
  • Fourth is to exercise caution when dealing with people you meet online. Scammers use all kinds of websites to mask themselves. Take some time to get to know them and don’t give them your trust fully. Again scammers want you to trust them and that is the key to them conning you.
  • Finally, whenever you’re making purchases online, make sure the site you are going to is secure. That means it has the https at the beginning  or is identified by a lock. But don’t settle with that. As I mentioned before, do some online searches, look at reviews and dig in deep.


Remember, scammers get caught when we don’t act on our impulses and consider things thoroughly. Exercise caution with phone calls, do some research, and gain control of the conversation by taking things slow.



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