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DP75 There is Hope for Scam Awareness

February 21, 2020

From my last episode I mentioned the recent jury duty scam and we are handling these scams better. This much is true when you look at some of the statistics from the past two years revolving around scams.


What the biggest money maker was for scammers last year was pertaining to bogus investments. This scam was where scammers promote false or misleading opportunities that offer insanely high returns.


I could be going on about the various scams but you can kind of see a pattern here. While the amount of money is definitely frightening, the number of victims is smaller.


It is noted that more and more people were becoming aware and reporting more complaints.


But in my eyes progress is progress and like I said last episode, the fact more people are calling fraud centers is a good step forward.


However this isn’t a reason to be complacent. If there is anything we’ve learned about the jury duty scam calls is that scammers are refining their pitches, using more technology to make these pitches more believable.


Scammers are aware of top security questions and spend time researching people and no doubt have put together a sort of file on you based on what they’ve found. That information is stuff they collect over the years and is highly valued.


So much like a marathon, don’t stop right now and keep going. It’s a long battle, but at the end, the training and the diligence will pay off in the long run.

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